April 11, 2010


We the residents of Tuckerton Beach, in order to improve the economic, governmental and social conditions within our community, and to promote the general welfare of ourselves and our children, do hereby establish the Tuckerton Beach Association Incorporated of the Borough of Tuckerton, Ocean County, New Jersey.


  1. The name of this association shall be the Tuckerton Beach Association, Incorporated (“TBA” or “Association”) of the Borough of Tuckerton, Ocean County, New Jersey.
  2. Membership shall be drawn from Tuckerton Beach, which is defined by the area along Green Street that extends from Bass Road to the foot of Green Street at Tuckerton Cove, including Bass Road, Marlin Road, Dolphin Road, Tarpon Road, Angler Road, Carroll Avenue, Parker Road, South Green Street, Anchor Road, Kingfisher Road, Heron Road, Flamingo Road, Curlew Road, and Little Egg Harbor Boulevard.


  1. The Association is a non-partisan organization which shall have as its overall purpose the improvement of civic, economic, social and environmental conditions in the Tuckerton Beach community.
  2. The Association will provide a forum for reviewing and discussing problems of a civic nature affecting the Tuckerton Beach community.
  3. The Association shall provide a means for communicating the concerns of its members to the responsible individuals or organizations. When necessary, after due consideration and deliberation of public issues affecting the Tuckerton Beach community, the Association shall adopt positions on such issues and coordinate collective community action in support of its positions.
  4. The Association will develop initiatives and encourage participation of its members in activities which promote civic-mindedness, neighborliness, and improve the quality of life among the residents of Tuckerton Beach and Tuckerton Borough as a whole.
  5. The Association will work with local elected bodies and other community minded organizations in activities benefiting the people of Tuckerton Beach.
  6. The Association will sponsor or co-sponsor charitable or recreational activities that are consistent with its purpose.
  7. Not withstanding; the Association may recommend support of a particular candidate for elective office whose position on public issues are consistent with those adopted by the Association in accordance with Paragraph II C of these bylaws.


  1. Membership shall be limited to residents of Tuckerton Beach properties. (Tuckerton Beach is defined in Article I.B) A resident may be either a property owner or renter; however, non-resident property owners are not eligible for membership. A resident is defined as an individual who occupies a property full time or on a seasonal basis.
  2. In voting matters, each member household is entitled to one vote. The representative member of the eligible household must be 18 years or older to vote.
  3. All other privileges of membership, except for voting, are extended to the immediate family of any dues-paying member.
  4. Membership must be renewed annually.


  1. The amount of dues assessed each member per year shall be determined annually by the Executive Board and affirmed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next general membership meeting.
  2. Dues shall be paid by June 30 of each year.
  3. Association funds shall be kept at a banking institution approved by the Executive Board.
  4. Two signatures of either the President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer shall be required on all checks. A list of the above officers and signature cards must be on file at the bank and updated with any subsequent changes. In the event any two of the above offices are held by members of the same family, only one shall be eligible to sign as part of this requirement.


  1. The work of the organization shall be guided by its Executive Board which shall consist of the President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. Association members and its officers shall neither use its affiliation with the Tuckerton Beach Association to endorse any political party, nor promote his or her own candidacy for any public office.
  3. Officers and Duties
    1. President
      1. Shall execute the policies of the Association.
      2. Shall preside at all executive, general and special meetings.
      3. Shall in chairing meetings, control the flow of discussion in an orderly, consistent manner agreeable to the members present. However, a motion to use “Robert’s Rules of Order” followed by a second, shall require that those rules govern the rest of the meeting.
      4. Shall call special meetings of the Association during emergencies.
      5. Shall assist the Treasurer and Vice-Presidents in drafting a yearly budget.
      6. Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees
    2. 1st Vice-President
      1. Shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
      2. Shall complete the unexpired term of the President in the event of his/her death, disablement or removal.
      3. Shall assist the President and Treasurer in drafting the yearly budget
      4. Shall give assistance to any standing or ad hoc committee chairperson upon request.
      5. Shall be chairperson of the Block Captain Committee.
    3. 2nd Vice-President
      1. Shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence and the absence of the 1st Vice-President.
      2. Shall perform the duties of the 1st Vice-President in the event that he/she is serving as President due to the President’s death, disbarment or removal.
      3. Shall perform all such other duties required to assist the President during his/her tenure.
    4. Treasurer
      1. Shall be required to maintain accurate records of all financial transactions of the Association.
      2. Shall have custody of the Association’s funds and shall be responsible for their deposit in the Association’s bank account.
      3. Shall submit an oral report at each general meeting, noting all receipts, disbursements and balances since the previous meeting.
      4. Shall be responsible for the preparation of the annual budget with the assistance of the President and Vice-President. Budget shall cover the fiscal year from July 1 through June 30 of the subsequent year.
      5. Shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Board, submit the budget for the fiscal year to the general membership of the Association for ratification by a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance at the July general meeting of the Association.
      6. Shall compile and submit an annual financial report to the Association at the July general meeting.
      7. Shall compile and submit all required State and Federal Tax Forms.
    5. Secretary
      1. Shall maintain a complete and accurate record of the proceedings, motions, decisions and transactions conducted at the general and special meetings.
      2. Shall conduct and maintain records of all the correspondence of the Association.
      3. Shall keep in their possession a copy of “Robert’s Rules of Order” for use at general meetings.
      4. Shall keep in their possession a current copy of the Bylaws of the Association.
    6. Trustees
      1. There shall be five Trustees elected by the general membership at the July general session.
      2. Shall audit the books of the Association prior to each quarterly meeting and issue a report to the general membership. (two Trustees required)
      3. Shall assist the officers of the Association in an advisory capacity only.
      4. Shall in the event the Association is dissolved, be responsible for ensuring that the Association’s finances and final disbursements are administered in accordance with the Bylaws.


  1. Shall consist of the President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. There shall be an Advisory Board, consisting of past presidents and vice presidents, to the Executive Board.
  2. Shall be authorized to conduct the Association’s day-to-day affairs.
    1. Shall meet as necessary throughout the year.
    2. A majority of the members of the Executive Board must be present at an Executive Board Meeting to constitute a quorum.
    3. Any decision of the Executive Board requires a majority vote.
    4. All official actions of the Executive Board shall be reported promptly to the membership at the next general meeting.
  3. Shall have the authority to approve routine expenses for membership authorized activities which fall within the limits of the budget.
  4. Shall appoint special committees.
  5. Shall fill vacancies except for the office of the President.
  6. All committee Chairpersons and Liaison Representatives shall be invited to attend and discuss issues with the Executive Board but shall have no vote unless; they are also members of the Executive Board.
  7. The Executive Board may authorize expenditures of the Association funds by any member in good standing for projects and amounts which are within the approved budget. Should the necessity arise to expend funds in excess of the approved amount for projects within the approved budget and general meeting of the Association not scheduled prior to the project implementation, the Executive Board may authorize expenses which do not exceed the budgeted amount by more than 25%. These actions will be reported to the next general session for their ratification.


  1. The Association shall have regular quarterly meetings at places, times and dates selected by the Executive Board. Reasonable prior notice shall be given to all members.
  2. Ten members shall constitute a quorum necessary to conduct the business of the Association.
  3. In the event that a quorum is not present at the general meeting and there is no pressing business on the agenda, the Executive Board may postpone action until the next quarterly meeting.
  4. In voting matters, a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote is necessary to pass motions.
  5. No proxy vote will be accepted.
  6. Special meetings may be called by a majority of the Executive Board. Reasonable prior notice of any special meeting must be given to all members. In voting matters at a special meeting, a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote is required to pass motions.


  1. Standing Committees
    1. Shall assist the Executive Board in performing ongoing activities necessary to further the Association’s purposes.
    2. Shall submit reports of its activities at each general meeting.
    3. The President shall, each year or whenever vacancies occur, appoint the chairperson of each standing committee.
    4. There shall be five Standing Committees: Nominating Committee, Publicity Committee, Membership Committee, Block Captains Committee, and Complaint Committee.
  2. Nominating Committee
    1. Shall consist of three members in good standing, exclusive of current members of the Executive Board.
    2. Shall solicit volunteers for elective offices.
    3. Shall present a slate of at least one, preferably two candidates for each elective office in time for inclusion in the May News Letter in an election year.
    4. Shall accept additional nominations from the floor by members in good standing at the July General Meeting prior to the vote.
    5. Shall conduct the vote by written ballot, tally the results and announce the results at the July General Meeting.
  3. Publicity Committee
    1. Shall consist of three members in good standing, with the Chairperson appointed by the President annually. The Chairperson shall then appoint the other two members of the committee.
    2. Shall be responsible for the publication of the Association’s monthly News Letter in a timely manner.
    3. Shall solicit articles from Executive Board Members, Committee Chair-persons, Block Captains, Liaison Representatives and general membership.
    4. The Publicity Committee shall also help distribute notices of general and special meetings of the Association and forthcoming events to be held by the Association
  4. Membership Committee
    1. Shall organize and conduct an annual membership drive prior to the July General Meeting.
    2. Shall collect membership dues and forward them promptly to the Treasurer for deposit.
    3. Shall keep up to date records of members, addresses and membership renewals.
  5. Complaint Committee
    1. Shall consist of the Association 2nd Vice-President as Chairperson and Emergency Management and Advertising Representatives as members.
    2. Shall review all written complaints submitted by members of the Association in good standing.
    3. Shall contact the complainant and determine those actions of the Association which might be helpful in resolving the complaint.
    4. Shall coordinate any actions with the Executive Board and appropriate Block Captains.
  6. Block Captains Committee
    1. Shall consist of the Association 1st Vice-President as Chairperson.
    2. Shall consist of all the Block Captains confirmed by the President.
    3. Shall act as liaison between the Executive Board and TBA members within their respective blocks.
    4. Shall meet monthly to discuss issues and propose initiatives to be taken by the Association.
  7. Special Committees
    1. Shall be appointed by the Executive Board on an ad hoc basis to address problems and issues of a temporary nature that are not within the jurisdiction of a standing committee.
  8. Liaison Representatives
    1. Shall be appointed by the Executive Board to act as liaison to external organizations.
    2. Shall report to the Executive Board on issues which might impact the organization.
    3. These representatives include: Emergency Management, Advertising, Contributions, Schools, Lagoons and Beach Enhancement.
    4. Liaison Representatives who are not a member of the Executive Board, Standing Committee Chairmen or Block Captains will, none the less, be invited to the Block Captains meeting so as to report on any issues which may have arisen during the past month.


  1. The term of office for all elected officers shall be two years.
  2. Officers shall be elected at the July General Meeting.
  3. Any candidate for office must be a member in good standing for two (2) years at the time of election and indicate verbally or in writing their willingness to serve.
  4. Votes shall be cast by closed written ballot.
    1. A single ballot will be issued for each member household present at the General Meeting of the Association.
    2. No proxy votes are acceptable.
  5. No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
  6. Vacancies in the office of President, Vice-President(s), Treasurer or Secretary shall be filled by a candidate elected by a majority vote of the voting members. The term of office for each officer shall commence the day of his/her election.


  1. Grounds for recall of officers include unlawful activities, negligence, and activities contradicting the spirit or substance of the Association Bylaws.
  2. Procedure:
    1. A written petition to recall an officer stating reasons and signed by at least five members in good standing must be presented to the Secretary at least one month prior to the next general meeting where the question shall be discussed and put to a vote of the members.
    2. An officer shall be recalled upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at a General Meeting.
    3. Voting shall be managed and votes cast in a manner similar to the regular election of officers.


  1. An amendment to the Bylaws may be made only at a General Meeting of the Association.
  2. A proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the Secretary, read to the members present at a General Meeting and scheduled for action at the next General Meeting.
  3. An amendment shall be adopted upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members in good standing present at the designated General Meeting and shall take effect immediately.
  4. An amendment defeated at a General Meeting cannot be re-introduced at the next General Meeting.


  1. All members must be given two months written notice of the intent to dissolve the Association prior to the issue coming up for a vote.
  2. A motion to dissolve the Association shall require for adoption an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members in good standing present at the General Meeting.
  3. If, for any reason, this Association shall be dissolved, all assets shall be turned over to a charity or used for any civic purpose approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a General Meeting.