In Unity There is Strength

The TBA was established in 1991. Following is a brief list of some of the things that the Tuckerton Beach Association has done and is doing for you and all of our neighbors.

  • TBA is the eyes, ears and voice for your investment here at the beach

  • We have assisted in fires, water rescues, houses flooding from broken pipes and so much more. If you are member and not here when a pipe breaks, or your boat breaks loose, we know how to get in touch with you.

  • Purchased a defibrillator for the borough

  • Continue to pursue dredging of our lagoons.

  • There are many TBA members that are a part of the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program for Tuckerton. CERT members are the first line of defense in a disaster. They are CPR and first aid trained.

  • Several TBA members serve on, or have served on, either Borough Council or Borough Commissions and Committees.

  • There is always a TBA member at each Borough Council meeting.

  • We work with the EPA testing bay water quality.

  • We have participated in planting eel grass in the bay.

  • With the information from our membership form we keep a directory and know the special needs of some our residents in case of any emergency situation.

  • Prior to Superstorm Sandy we maintained South Green Street Park, built a new gazebo, created a memorial flower garden and sponsored the memorial bench program. We are currently awaiting a grant to rehab the park and beach.

  • Maintain and upgrade South Green Street Park. Planters, paving, planning the construction of another gazebo, building new picnic tables, etc.

  • Twice per year we worked with New Jersey Clean Communities and the Barnegat Bay Blitz with a debris cleanup in all of the Tuckerton waterways.

  • Because of the TBA, Tuckerton Borough now has its own emergency radio station 1670 on the AM dial.

  • We have monthly Block Captains meetings and quarterly General meetings.

  • Publish and mail or e-mail a monthly newsletter.

  • Donate to and support some of our local charities and volunteer organizations.

  • We continue to pursue getting our beach back on So. Green Street.

  • The TBA is pursuing changes to your water and sewer bills.

  • We led the charge in getting the Tuckerton Borough Pride and Celebration Committee up and running.

This list is just a sampling of what the TBA does for the residents of Tuckerton Beach. Please join! It is $25 well spent!

Please join the TBA.