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The next Waterways Commission Meeting will be held on Monday, June 24, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the new Tuckerton Borough Complex located at 420 East Main Street.

Latest updates

All information shared on The TBA Terrapin’s “Waterways Updates” page has either been provided by the Borough or reviewed/approved by the Borough. Our goal is to post the latest and greatest information for the residents of Tuckerton Beach to read as it relates to our waterways.

As of Tuesday, May 21, 2019 (All Information and Comments below were Provided by the Borough Clerk/Administrator, Jenny Gleghorn):

Little Egg Harbor Blvd. Shoreline Restoration Project:

The easement was signed by the last individual on or about April 18th (no eminent domain was needed, no money was exchanged). The easement now has to be signed by the DEP and recorded with the Ocean County Clerk’s Office as a record of deed (this does not happen overnight). From there the group that is in charge of the project is having Owen and Little and Associates redesign some of the existing plans because those plans are from 2012 (roughly) and since then more land has been washed away/vanished. At this point in time, the engineer for the town and the State of New Jersey who is the lead agency on this project are working on those amended plans to bring it to the original shore established years ago. Once those plans are complete the State will begin the bidding process.

Tuckerton Borough does not have a definite date on this as their hands are out of it for the most part and the DEP Bureau of Tidelands is in control. Jenny Gleghorn said we’ll be informed once she hears about the project going out to bid. We have to understand that State/County/Local/Education projects have to follow rules and regulations that take far more longer than if a private company were doing it. This is why residents hear town council say sometimes that it is easier for residents to get things done (like getting DEP permits/approvals/contractors, etc.). The funds for all these projects are tax payer dollars and the State wants to make sure it is done properly and correctly. That is why there are a lot of regulations and although it may be a pain, Jenny Gleghorn, said she also understands the other of it as too many times people have taken advantage of tax payer money.

NFWF Shore Restoration Project (Between the Truex and Capone Properties):

This project is share with Little Egg Harbor Township. It has been stated that Iowa Court in Little Egg Harbor Township will begin first with mobilization starting April 1st and work in the water to start Iowa Court shortly thereafter (work has already been started). Once the Iowa Court project is complete they will be moving to Tuckerton Borough. The last Jenny Gleghorn heard is they were still in Little Egg Harbor. There was a lift on the ban of in-water working (June) for Tuckerton Borough. If they finish in Little Egg Harbor before June they could begin work in Tuckerton. Jenny Gleghorn said she can’t give the residents a date because there are a lot of moving issues with this project. The contractor could have issues in Little Egg Harbor and would delay them coming into Tuckerton. Weather is always a factor, as well as tides. So on this project, the begin date is as soon as they complete the Iowa Court leg of the project in Little Egg Harbor. Jenny Gleghorn said that she will inform residents of an update as soon as she hears they are beginning to mobilize to Tuckerton.


The permit application was submitted on April 1st and on April 24th the administrative review came back advising the Borough that a signature is needed from AT&T for the placement of dredge material and recommendation on what needs to be notified to the public and residents within 200 feet of the dewatering site (none of the recommendations has anything to do with dredging. They were related to dewatering sites and the way of getting the material out there only).

When the application was submitted the Borough knew those 2 components were missing, but they wanted the application submitted and moving. The Borough was not exactly sure how the DEP wanted the notices to go out because if the Borough has to mail notices to every single resident in the Borough it would be costly to the tax payers so they wanted to be able to just notify everyone in the newspaper, which they are allowing, however, the notices for the dewatering sites have to be sent to residents within 200 feet of those sites. The application submitted by the Borough has multiple components to it. It is not just dredging. It included places to put the material and other tasks that have to be completed per DEP regulations (environmental testing, wetland delineations, etc.).

With all that, Jenny Gleghorn, stated that they have been working on the signature from AT&T, which is not needed for the dredging. It is only needed to get the material to Gomez’s property. They are also working on preparing the notices that are required to be sent to residents in the 200 feet radius of the proposed dewatering sites. Once those are complete they will be given to the DEP, but at this point the application is now moving on the technical aspect of the DEP. The first part was the Administrative review. In 24 days the DEP has already reviewed one portion (Administrative) and 3 recommendations have come back to the Borough and are being taken care as we speak. The timeframe on this unknown, but it is moving faster than expected. Funding still needs to be put in place, but funding will be from the NJIB. It’s a loan program for infrastructure projects.

Little Egg Harbor Peninsula (Phase Two) Shoreline Restoration:

This project is in the VERY infant stages. The funding sources have not been identified nor have any plans or specs been drawn. There is a group of individuals working together to see if this could be done with dredging material; however, it will not be a part of the dredging permit at this point in time because the Borough does not want to hold up the dredging. This project is just a planning project at this point and has nothing to do with the dredging project application.

Not Dredging related, but an update on Curlew and Other Road Projects:

It was announced last night, May 20th, at the council meeting that an award was made to Earl Asphalt for the paving portion of Curlew Road. Curlew Road will have water and sewer lines replaced, new storm drains (because the paving award was less than funding we have so there will be money to replace storm drains), and new pavement at the completion of the project. The water and sewer portion of the project is being designed and will be submitted to the NJIB as soon as the other projects plans/specs are complete as well. The Borough wants to save money and put all the projects (Curlew, Kingfisher, Dredging, and Bass) together for one fee to the NJIB. That should be submitted before September 2019 and will be put together for bidding out in the beginning of 2020. Jenny Gleghorn stated that there are a lot of moving parts so she cannot give residents an exact date because every time dates are provided they fall through and causes issues. She said that the Borough is a government entity not a private industry there is a lot more red tape they have to go through because they are using tax payer funds.

Curlew Road is slated to start next spring if everything goes as planned. Kingfisher Road is a good 3 years out, but that is if the town gets the NJDOT grant for the project. The grant paperwork was submitted and the town will know eventually if the grant was awarded or not. Jenny Gleghorn said they need to wait to see if the grant is going to be awarded before moving onto the nexts steps for planning for Kingfisher Road.