Highlights from the Town Council Meetings

Next Council Meeting will be held on Monday, December 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the new Tuckerton Borough Complex located at 420 East Main Street.

September 17, 2018

Notes from the meeting:

1) Mayor Marshall announced read about the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and announced that it is Constitution Week (September 17th through the 23rd).

Click here for information on the Daughters of the American Revolution

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2) Council Member, John Schwarz mentioned that the shoreline restoration project on South Green Street between the Truex and Capone properties is moving along. He also discussed a letter sent to NJDOT requesting use of the CDF sites (Story Island and the area off 7 bridges road). These sites would be used to deposit dredge material. He mentioned that permits for the two CDF sites are sitting on DEP desks, but also stated that the DEP has been more responsive. He said we typically hear back from them within two weeks. Tuckerton Borough submitted 3 sites for approval for placement of dredged material. The three sites are the peninsula at the end of Little Egg Harbor Blvd, the land (privately owned) off Little Egg Harbor Blvd on the bay side to the left of South Green Street down the end, and the land between the South Green Street Park and Truex property. The town is again looking at thin layer deposition since the locations requested are either owned by Tuckerton Borough or privately owned (need approval from land owner). We have multiple projects being discussed (shoreline restoration, back fill behind restoration (using dredged material), thin layer deposition, and potentially planting marsh grass). He also added that the town successfully removed the bathroom trailer down at South Green Street Park due to the high tide event last week and placed the trailer back down in the park when there was no threat of them being flooded.

3) Council Member, Sam Colangelo, briefly discussed the resolution to cancel water & sewer (W&S) excess charges. He also discussed the Tuckerton Environmental Commission (TEC) is sponsoring a table at the decoy show and invited residents to go visit the table.

4) Council Member, Ron Peterson, read the monthly police activity.

5) Council Member, John Schwartz, read the resolution for authorization of payment of claims in the amount of $574,394.31. All members approved.

6) Council Member, Mike Santo, read the resolution for approval of the meeting minutes from the September 4th council meeting. All members approved.

7) Mayor Marshall mentioned to the public that new vote by mail forms are available to be picked up by residents at the clerk’s office and reminded folks to register to vote if they have not done so already. She announced that Tuckerton will be holding a Tucker’s Treat on Saturday, October 20, 2018, at 5:00 PM in the Tuckerton Elementary School parking lot. Flyers will be sent home with all the children as well.

Public Session:

1) Marilyn Kent of Anchor Road announced that the official closing of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant. She also mentioned that they plan to dispose of the spent rods within the next 9 months. She was proud to announce that Ocean County had 89 members helping residents down in the Carolinas.

2) Gerard Guthlein of Heron Road asked about the status of the construction in regards to the road conditions as winter is approaching. The response received was that there are plans for a top coat to be applied to even out the surface to get us through the winter and allow for plows to have a smoother surface to remove snow.

3) John Morris of Heron Road asked about the status of Lanyard Lagoon and the peninsula at the end of Little Egg Harbor Blvd. Council Member, John Schwartz, responded informing the public that the engineer is doing a concept drawing for both locations and that we’re looking at potentially doing rock revetment at both locations with the possibility of placing dredge materials from the lagoons behind the revetment. He also mentioned that the peninsula revetment will go quite a bit into the bay (1977 tide line). Mr. Morris also asked about tax allocation for lagoon maintenance. Mr. Schwarz mentioned the special assessment possibilities to cover shoreline restoration and dredging projects. More to come on this as there were comments made about funds from special assessments being placed in a line item for future lagoon maintenance, but the details were not very clear.

4) Frank Fehn of Curlew Road discussed an annual plan being developed by the Waterways Commission. The annual plan will touch on topics including surrounding waterways (i.e. collaboration between all the town’s commissions, timelines, benchmarks, planning, personnel, etc.)

September 4, 2018

Click here for the Council Meeting Minutes from September 4, 2018

August 20, 2018

Notes from the meeting:

1) Council Member, Keith Vreeland, presented the 2nd reading of Ordinance #4 and #5 of 2018. Both were passed by all members of council.

Click here for more information on Ordinance #4

Click here for more information on Ordinance #5

2) Council Member, John J. Schwartz, read the resolutions for payment of claims in the amount of $451,276.11 and Chapter 159 CDBG 2018 Grant in the amount of $34,000 for new curbs and sidewalks on Marine Street between Clay Street and Willow Landing Terrace. He said the addition of the curbs and sidewalks will be an added benefit for residents, as well as the teachers from Tuckerton Elementary who use that path with the children. Both resolutions were passed by all members of council.

3) Council Member, Sam Colangelo, read a resolution for an award of a state contract without a bid for a backhoe part (steering piston) in the amount of $2,736 and a resolution related to an authorization agreement with the state for ADA requirements for previous projects. Both resolutions were passed by all members of council.

4) Council Member, Mike Santo, presented the meeting minutes from August 6, 2018 (all members accepted) and read the resolution related to liens on various properties for property maintenance.

5) Mayor Marshall read a letter from the Tuckerton Fire Department letting the public know they received the calls voicing concerns about access to Heron Road during the construction in the event of an emergency at one of the residences. Tuckerton Fire Department drove their vehicles down Heron Road and wanted the public to know that they are able to access the street in the event of an emergency. They said they would have to drive a little slower because of the construction, but they can still respond to emergencies without any problems.

Click here for the Council Meeting Minutes from August 20, 2018

August 6, 2018

Click here for the Council Meeting Minutes from August 6, 2018

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