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Petition to Request Dredging and
Maintenance of Tidal Waterways

As our community effort to support our Tuckerton Borough Council and Waterways Commission, so they can provide the NJDEP information regarding the detrimental effect on our community which is hurting due to waterways that are becoming dangerous.

Please download a copy the Petition to Request Dredging and Maintenance of Tidal Waterways and have your neighbors sign. When petition signatures are completed please drop off to Renee Gioiello at Bayshore Real Estate Agency on North Green St. Renee will be collecting the signed petitions for submission. We would like all filled in Petitions back to Renee’s Attention July 30th.

You do not have to be a resident of Tuckerton to sign. This will affect everyone in NJ due to the fact if property values decrease in areas surrounding waters that are not navigable the state will need to generate additional taxes in other communities! So it would behoove everyone to sign the petition.

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