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Proposal to Construct Living Shoreline (Revision 1 – May 27, 2015) Natural Lands Trust Mystic Island Preserve Little Egg Harbor Township, Ocean County

For Immediate Release: June 4, 2015

Final Community Meeting in Little Egg Harbor
To Discuss Including Flood Vulnerability in Future Planning

Residents and interested parties from Little Egg Harbor Township and Tuckerton Borough are invited to a meeting to help plan for the future growth and economy of the area. The meeting, entitled “Planning for Little Egg’s and Tuckerton’s Coastal Future,” will be conducted at the Little Egg Harbor Community Center, located at 319 West Cala Breeze Way in Little Egg Harbor. It is scheduled for Saturday, June 20, from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

In light of expected increases in flood risks, a secure future for coastal communities rests on thoughtful, forward-focused discussions about where and how to grow and develop. This meeting will build upon the examination of anticipated flood risks and short-term projects to mitigate risks that were the topics of the two prior meetings. It will engage residents in planning for a future in which waters are higher and storms are more frequent, with the goal of preserving the area as a vibrant, attractive place to live and visit.

It is not necessary to have attended the prior meetings to participate in this one, and all interested residents are encouraged to attend.

The non-profit advocacy group New Jersey Future has developed an in-depth analysis of the future flooding risks anticipated in Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton due to rising sea levels and projected future storm events. Representatives from New Jersey Future, who have worked with Little Egg Harbor Township and Tuckerton Borough for the last 20 months to help community leaders understand these risks and secure grant funds for planning and implementation of flood mitigation strategies, will lead the discussion.

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Tuckerton Borough